Independent Engineering Laboratories (iEL) was launched based on a desire to question the status quo and exceed client expectations regarding all facets related to environmental and mechanical simulation testing.  In 1994, Bruce Giller started iEL to provide testing services to clients with an approach that is unique among its competitors.  iEL fills the need as a turn-key test laboratory that has infinite flexibility, technical expertise, and innovative solutions, combined with the ability to meet clients' timing demands.  iEL makes the impossible possible.  One of the common hurdles we have found is that most clients are accustomed to restrictions in how they can test their components, that is, until they meet with iEL.  Our slogan is:

"Ask for what you really want, not what you think you can have."

About iEL
Independent Engineering Laboratories, Inc.        2400 East South Street      Jackson, Michigan  49201
Phone:  517-788-6590      Fax:  517-788-6592

Independent Engineering Laboratories
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