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The highly experienced staff at Independent Engineering Laboratories (iEL) excels at the impossible.  From designing and building complex fixtures and test stands, developing real world test conditions and failure simulation in a laboratory environment, to developing test methods and specification formulation, iEL can assist you every step of the way with your product development and validation requirements.

iEL's laboratory features a wide array of environmental chambers ranging in capacity from 1 to 180 cubic feet, with temperature ranges from -65C to 225C.  In addition, these chambers can be combined with Electrodynamic or Servo Hydraulic shakers (capable of up to 30,000 force pounds) and both mechanical and electrical cycling of the test samples, allowing for true real-world simulation.  iEL has also developed an infinitely flexible portable LabVIEW based data acquisition system that features an aggregate sample rate of 10MHZ and is capable of monitoring in excess of 128 channels.  This can direct both the test sample and equipment to follow complicated cycles and schedules, while providing automated shutdown protection.

The commitment at iEL to providing quality service, dependable results and on-time performance, all combined with our infinitely flexible equipment and software will ensure mutual success.

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